Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Celebrity: Percy Jackson

This is Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon. For this project I just traced the whole thing. I really like this Percy because has all of these abilities.


This is a portrait of me, Ryan Freitas. I first took my picture in photo booth then copied it onto photoshop. I then traced the images most important features. After I did that, I colored it all in with similar colors to the original photo. Lastly, I put an assortment of colors onto the backgound.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Cartoon Masterpeice

This is one of Keith Haring's Untitled 1983 projects. I first found this painting and thought that the figure looked like he was struck by lightning.I thought that was cool. I again traced it like my Scream and Mona projects. Then I added cool and different colors. I like these art projects to be nice and bold. Lastly, I added some little lines in the body.

The Scream Project

This is my Scream project. It first copied it to the photoshop icon. Then I started to trace the important features. After that I colored it in with similar colors as the original painting. After I finished that one (Bottom right one) I did one with my face on it using photo booth (Top left one).

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mona Lisa Project

For this project I first retraced the face and other notable features. Then I started to color it all in with different colors. I then did some color contrast plus merging the colors on the edges of each color. I hope you like the Mona Lisa.